Trainings & Coaching

To complement our range of communications services, we work with an experienced coach to offer a series of individual coachings and media trainings that are designed to prepare your local representatives for contacts with the media depending on the degree to which they should be exposed to the press.

If you do have local sales people but no local marketing, our basic media training will enable your salesforce to understand how the media work and how the agency acts on behalf of your company. This includes tools and instruments, but also processes such as approval of copywriting and anything else your local rpresentatives will be involved in. This way they will get a basic understanding of how PR can help them achieve their goals and how in turn they can help the agency to develop local news und customer reference stories.

If any of your local staff shall act as an official spokesperson for the company, we can offer an extended media training as well as highly personalized coaching along this way. This will not only educate the spokesperson with respect to media contacts, but also enable her or him to give more professional presentations and to take the lead in journalist briefings to get the message across. Individual trainings and coaching ultimately show the way to cooperating with the media for both the individual's and the company's benefit.

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