PR Projects & Campaigns

While no two PR campaigns are the same, usually their implementations rely on a common set of core elements, tools, and tactics. Most of these can also be used for individual projects which can have an immediate impact but naturally lack the long-term benefits of ongoing campaigns. Here is what we offer.

PR consultancy: Our experienced team develops and implements thought-provoking, high quality PR campaigns guaranteed to grab media attention.

Press releases: distributed to targeted publications, with news angles tailored, per vertical – and followed-up to ensure coverage.

Editorial calendar: advance feature opportunity tracking and pitching of suitable information to publications.

Press office: a media response center available during office hours in local language and in the journalist's time zone.

Case studies and comment pieces: creation or localization of case studies and comment pieces, highlighting technological approaches and allowing your customers to evangelize your company. We manage the whole process, from interviewing customers, through placement in target publications to arranging reprints for use as sales collateral.

By-lined articles: To position our clients as thought leaders, we develop well-researched, topical articles that go way beyond traditional product PR. These articles are pitched to and placed in relevant online or print publications. Being by-lined to corporate spokespeople, they position them as industry experts and guarantee high-quality coverage.

Media briefings: an ideal opportunity to build sustainable relationships with key journalists. They come in different flavors: face-to-face, via phone or email, during events, or as part of a fully fledged press tour.

Round tables: A tried-and-tested way to educate the media on specific industry issues, and to provide journalists with ideas. Bring together company spokespeople, journalists, analysts, resellers or partners (if applicable), and ideally, customers, to discuss the topic of the day.


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